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The Crystal Cork Chocolates

Here at the Crystal Cork we use Belgian Chocolate to hand craft each chocolate that we carry. Available for purchase individually or in a gift box are Dark and Milk Chocolate Turtles, Peanut Butter Cups, Caramels and Vanilla Creams.

Meat and Cheese Trays 

1 Choice of 10 oz Cheese: Calico, Havarti, Mild Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, or Colby Longhorn 1 Choice of 5 oz Meat: Beef Summer Sausage or Beef Salami

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wine by the glass

We have white, blush and red wine available with a different featured wine available each week. 

White Wine: Plum Fu-Ki, Seven Daughters Moscato, August Hill Muscato, Washing Hills Late Harvest Riesling, Markham Sauvignon Blanc, Coppola Pinot Grigio, Copper Ridge Chardonnay, J Lohr Chardonnay

Blush Wine: Sweet Catawaba, Fizz 56, Copper Ridge White Zinfandel

Red Wine: Lil Ole Truck, Ricco Sweet Red, Carl Reh Sweet Red, 667 Pinot Noir, 19 Crimes, Trapiche Malbec, Copper Ridge Merlot, Seven Falls Merlot, Copper Ridge Cabernet, Chateau St Jean Cabernet, Divining Rod Cabernet, Port du Illinois


Here at The Crystal Cork we pride ourselves on having a variety of martinis available with a special holiday martini each season.

Apple Martini, Banana Split Martini, Berry-tini, Butterfinger Martini, Candy Red Apple Martini, Caramel Apple Martini, Caramel Cadbury Egg, Cherry Ginger Blossom, Cherry Lemonade, Chocolate Martini, Chocolate Raspberry Martini, Cosmopolitan, Cran-tini Martini, Dorie's Martini, French Martini, Gin Martini, Ghost Buster Martini, Honey Apple Crisp, Italian Margarita, Lemon Drop Martini, Love Shack Martini, Lovely Lady, Mai Thai Martini, Mandarin Vodka Martini, Mango Martini, Margarita Martini, Milky Way Martini, Mocha Chata Martini, Mocha Martini, Peanut Butter Cup Martini, Pear Martini, Peep Martini, Peppermint Mocha Martini, Pineapple Upside Down Martini, Pomacello Martini, Pumpkin Pie Martini, Purple Cork Martini, Snickers Martini, Saint Paddy Martini, Strawberry Cheesecake, Sweetheart Martini, Tiramisu Martini, Toasted Marshmallow, Tootsie Roll Martini, Vodka Martini, Wedding Cake Martini and Whipped Sunset


We have available all of your favorite classic beers. 

Bud Light, Budweiser, Busch Light, Select 55, Stella Artois, Stella Cidre, Shock Top, Belgian White, Shiner Bock, Michelob Ultra, Potosi, Wild Blue, Goose Island Ten Hills, 312, Matilda, Redbridge, Mississippi Blonde Ale, Paddle Wheel Pale Ale, Uncommon Stout